Passion that is “MADE IN ITALY”.
This is the slogan that separates us from the rest.

Proud to be Italian, we propose the beauty and craft of a garment designed, developed and produced 100% in Italy.
Above all loved, though.

A true “Made in Italy” that opens and closes its production cycle in the company: in other words, excellence at zero km!

Sabina Zambon create and become consultant of the Griffon Sport brand.

Saby Sport and Fashion begin to produce professional cycling apparel with Saby Sport S.r.l.

Building a new production site in Sovizzo of with an area of 1500 mt² including a Factory Store of 300mt²

Saby Sport Sr.l. starts being part of the world of professional cycling racing as a sponsor of important pro teams with Saby brand.


Sabina Zambon opens a small Laboratory and Saby Sport and Fashion begin with production of sport technical underwear.

Saby Sport SRL start sales abroad doing custom label producing for important European brands.

Saby Sport start to produce and sales under its own Factory brand.